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Cub High Precision Compact Scale

Cub High Precision Compact Scale
Cub High Precision Compact Scale
Product Code : CHPCS
Brand Name : Mettler Toledo.
Product Description

Cub High Precision

Our company is offering a precision engineered Cub High Precision Compact Scale, which is especially designed for the damp environment. The exclusively processed main PCB and smart mechanical designed reassert the damp-resistance attribute. The high updating display pace, less than one second, significantly improves your efficiency. 

Dual Display design enhances customers' productivity as two operators can work cumulatively. Also second display can act as a client display for retails counter applications.


Suitable for damp environment:

  • Damp-proof PCB's with patented glue technology
  • IP55 level ingress protection
  • 168 hours salt spray test passed

Adjustable LED display:

  • LED display won't be mistry even in the damp environment.
  • LED brightness can be adjusted, which will assist to relieve the eye tiredness and save power.

Easy to clean: Sufficient space between the platter and the up cover makes the scale easy to clean.

Rechargeable Battery: Allows minimal 10 hrs of non-stop operation in case of power failure.

Applications Area: Variegated food processing and retail applications:

  • Sweet Shops
  • Grocery Sales
  • Bakeries
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Milk processing and dairies
  • Dry fruits packing
  • Vegetable processing
  • Retail warehouse and backroom
  • Tea process factory
  • Textile industries
  • Seed industries
  • Frozen food processing
  • Salts and detergents processing
  • Seafood and poultry processing

Technical Specifications

Model Name

Cub-0.75 / 1.5H

Cub-1.5 / 3H

Cub-3 / 7.5H

Cub-7.5 / 15H

Capacity (Dual Range)

0.75 / 1.5kg

1.5 / 3kg

3 / 7.5kg

7.5 / 15kg


0.05 / 0.1g

0.1 / 0.2g

0.2 / 0.5g

0.5 / 1g


6-digit, 7-segment, LED (14x8.6mm), dual display

Weighing Unit

g, lb

Operation Environment

-5oC to 40oC, normal or damp environment, humidity


Power Supply

Adaptor with 9 VCD / 600 mA or 6V / 5Ah rechargeable lead-acid battery

Platter Size

180 x 220mm

Package Dimension

380 x 282 x 200mm

Shipping Weight



Extended platter 210 x 300mm